Let me introduce you to an awesome product called MILA!

Dubbed the miracle seed, Mila is a uniquely beneficial seed classified as a food by the FDA and backed by almost 20 years of scientific and agricultural research. Mila is a type of chia and contains the highest levels of nutritional components - Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. For example, gram per gram, Mila has 6x more calcium than milk, 6x more protein than kidney beans and more anti-oxidents than even blueberries. Mila seems to have the highest level of Omega-3 available on the market today. That is important because Omega-3 is a basic nutrient our body needs to survive and it and cannot produce it on its own - Omega 3 has to come from our food. Here is complete nutritional information on Mila.

Mila is a mixture of Salvia hispanica L chia seeds specifically selected to maximize nutritional value. The mixture is then split using a proprietary system that optimizes the bioavailability and increases its nutritional value. Nothing is added to the product - it is a pure form of Salvia hispanica L and is simply the best available today.

Mila is a whole, raw food. As such, it is gluten-free, trans-fat free, sugar-free, high in fiber and protein. It has no distinct taste or smell and can be deliciously combined with many foods.

Mila is an excellent source of fiber which will help you achieve good digestion and maintain your blood sugar levels. Mila is an excellent source of both soluable and insoluable fibers which helps to keep the insides of your digestive tract smooth and moving. By definition, a “good source of fiber” is a food that contains 2.5-4.9 grams of fiber per serving. The recommended daily scoop (a 13g serving) of Mila contains 5g of raw fiber which makes Mila a "high" fiber source.

One bag of Mila is $55. This large bag is 16 oz and it should be a month's supply if you take one scoop 1 - 2 times per day, which is what I recommend.

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